Kaspersky Fraud Prevention and Indacoin Limited celebrate a year of successful cooperation

A year ago, began a fruitful cooperation between Kaspersky Fraud Prevention and Indacoin Limited, within the framework of which the companies managed to improve the quality of fraud prevention without sacrificing the speed of transaction verification and complicating the rules for processing personal data.

One year ago, a unique project Kaspersky Fraud Prevention became an important element of the security system of one of the pioneers in the field of a fiat-to-crypto exchange, which provides an opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency with Visa&Mastercard bank cards Indacoin Limited. After integration of the technology, the efficiency of the Indacoin Limited security system increased by 38%.

Despite the fact that the crypto market is associated with reliability and anonymity, such phenomena as buying from stolen or hacked bank cards, deceiving users in order to steal payment data, funds and personal accounts are widespread in this area. Back in 2014, a key element of Indacoin Limited’s positioning was the guarantee of complete security of transactions of platform users. The expertise and innovative approach of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention in identifying sophisticated and industry-specific fraud cases through the implementation of machine learning in the verification system has made it possible to strengthen the comprehensive system of Indacoin Limited for the prevention of fraudulent transactions.

Guilherme Jovanovich, CBDO Indacoin Limited, commented on the news: “We are always on the lookout for the most innovative anti-fraud methods and we are careful when choosing partners in this matter. A year ago, we began fruitful cooperation with Kaspersky Fraud Prevention, within the framework of which we managed to improve the quality of fraud prevention without sacrificing the speed of transaction verification and complicating the rules for processing personal data ”

“The solution was integrated in a prompt and effective manner. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention was able to enhance the security system. One of the most noticeable improvements was the detection of remote administration tools that were used for illegitimate transactions and other unauthorized activity in the accounts. This was possible thanks to our technologies that are boosted by Machine Learning.” – Claire Hatcher, Head of Business Development for Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

As it became known from the representatives of the companies, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention and Indacoin Limited plan to celebrate the year of cooperation with the release of unique expert materials and strengthen their positions in the B2B segment through joint marketing campaigns.

About Kaspersky Fraud Prevention:

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps businesses that interact with their clients through web or mobile channels globally detect cyber fraud incidents that could bring reputational, financial and legal consequences and disrupt business. Through Machine Learning and Risk-Based Authentication, enterprises can provide customers with seamless access to their account at the stage of a login and throughout the entire session, helping enterprises save on costly 2nd factor authentication methods. As well as that, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps ensure all-round protection from in-session suspicious behavior through malware and bot detection, device, environment and behavioral analysis.

About Indacoin Limited:

Indacoin is a digital currency exchange and iOS/Android app that offers a unique ability to buy dozens of digital currencies with Visa & Mastercard credit and debit cards. Operating in the UK since 2014, its primary focus is to provide secure bank card payments and enabling other projects to accept Visa and Mastercard instant deposits through a fully branded gateway. Indacoin services are available in 180+ countries.

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