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How to mitigate the impact of deepfakes

With deepfakes becoming more and more common — and more and more convincing — how can you protect your business?

Protecting your Steam account from scammers and trolls

A brief but comprehensive guide to security and privacy on the world’s most popular gaming platform.

Are scammers tired of bitcoin?

Extorters are demanding ransom not in cryptocurrency, but in prepaid debit cards. All the same, you shouldn’t pay.

Russian speaking hacking group is attacking banks in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to Kaspersky

Kaspersky security researchers have reported on thousands of notifications of attacks on major banks located in the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region.

Can dark web monitoring move you one step ahead of cybercriminals?

What is the dark web? And why should businesses care about it? Here’s what you need to know about monitoring the secretive counterpart of the public internet.

The new era of machine learning–aided scams

Fraudsters keep finding newer rabbit holes to exploit Machine Learning to make well-known fraud and scam schemes more complex and hard to uncover.

What you need to know about cyber fraud in car sharing services – a study of 13 car sharing apps

What are the challenges that the car sharing industry faces when it comes to cyber crime and how can the companies combat it?

Fraud in retail & e-commerce – who is in the bonus really?

Exploring the most common use cases for industries that suffer from bonus abuse, loyalty fraud, new account fraud and account takeover

Kaspersky Lab rolls out services to protect blockchain and crypto businesses from cyberattacks and fraud

Kaspersky Lab is offering a tailored service pack to provide a high level of protection for crypto exchanges, which includes user Account Takeover Prevention to detect attempts from criminals to get access to user wallets.

South Africans most susceptible to online banking attacks

AfricaCom 2018 is taking place this week which means some of the top organisations on the continent will be descending on Cape Town to discuss the current technology landscape and look to how things can be improved.

Using our bodies as secure ID – when do we worry?

Marco Preuss, director, global research & analysis team (GReAT), Europe, at Kaspersky Lab on why biometrics are the new standard in cyber security

Kaspersky debuts Fraud Prevention solutions

Kaspersky Lab has introduced two fraud prevention solutions, Kaspersky Advanced Authentication and Kaspersky Automated Fraud Analytics.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention: Evolving To Meet Changing Threats

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention was recently at Money 20/20 Europe to display their readiness to work with all types of businesses that want to protect their online accounts, from financial institutions and gaming merchants to airlines and other e-commerce sites.

Hackers Leverage Flaws in SS7 to Drain Victims’ Bank Accounts

The attackers were able to redirect SMS messages used for two-factor authentication in order to approve money transfers.

One in four banks struggle to identify customers online

According to the latest Financial Institutions Security Risks survey, 24 per cent of banks worldwide struggle with the identification of their customers when delivering digital and online banking services.

Banks spending three times more on cyber security

The government, top management and customers are pressuring banks into ramping up security.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Cloud enables machine learning

Kaspersky Lab has released Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Cloud, a new solution for organizations facing risks from fraudulent activity via fast-growing online services.

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