Kaspersky Fraud Prevention uses a complex range of advanced technologies with Machine Learning applied for proactive detection of sophisticated fraud schemes across web and mobile channels, in real-time.

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Behavioral analysis

Looks at the user’s activity during the login and session, analysing the typical navigation and time patterns, how the user acts in the personal account, what he clicks and more.

This data allows profiles of normal behavior to be built and any abnormal or suspicious activity during the login and the whole session to be detected.

Behavioral biometrics

Analyses your unique customer’s interaction with their device, like mouse movements, clicks, touches, swipe speed and more to detect whether a device is being used by a legitimate user or not.

This technology can also be used to detect bots and remote administration tools.

Device and environment analysis

Leverages the global presence of Kaspersky to identify “good” devices and use this knowledge for user authentication.

Based on global device ID, IP-address, location reputation and more any attribute marked as involved in fraudulent activity is also proactively detected and shown as suspicious or related to fraud.

Malware Detection

Agentless malware detection checks if the customer’s machine is infected with malware without any additional
software installed on the user side.

This information is used to determine the legitimacy of transactions, as well as for Risk Based Authentication and Machine Learning modelling.

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