Connected cars

Achieve the high level of security to strengthen the application used for synchronization of data between the car and user’s smartphone. Make driver’s authorization reliable and secure while making it seamless and prevent data leakage by implementing real-time threat detection and analysis.

What is the issue?

Car-related mobile applications are changing the way a customer is interacting with the vehicle. A user can set-up next trips, remotely access functionality of the vehicle and calculate time during and before trips. With an elevated level of synchronization between the device and the vehicle, cybersecurity issues arise.

Connected car authorization relies on fingerprint/password combination for the digital account, which contains a lot of personal information: appointments, preferred routes, schedule, payments information, contacts and social media information. Leakage of such data would be equal to hacking a person’s smartphone.

Personal data like accounts and payment information is integrated into the process of interaction between the driver and the connected car. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet are synchronized with the vehicle’s system. Cyberattacks would cause severe financial damage.

Kaspersky for Connected Cars

Prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of your connected car services

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Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Detection of new unknown devices

Uncovering signs of ATO at the stage of a login and throughout the session

Detecting anomalies & suspicious behavior in real-time

Accuracy and speed of detection

Immediate recognition of synthetic accounts

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