The amount of citizens’ information stored in e-government services is overwhelming. Furthermore, certain applications also manage highly personal information, such as ID cards, passports or driver licenses. Given that citizens view government as a whole entity, any damage cause by fraud will be projected on the image of the state body itself. In this instance, prevention prevails over cure.

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Global digital transformation extended to most of everyday life activities and services not leaving the government and public services behind. The scale of this transformation is different from country to country where people are offered different range of services: e-governments, digital benefits, tax and bill payments, online pension and many others. With wide variety of digital services available comes the higher level of responsibility – for the user and for the security of sensitive data. Government organizations need to ensure frictionless user experience for legitimate clients while preserving the high level of protection of personal information stored on their servers.

As it happens in most cases, fraudsters often steal the login credentials of the users via phishing, social engineering or in other ways instantly getting access to loads of personal data. The amount of potential harm and loss is enormous. Also, strengthening the protection often means worse user experience as new levels of security are added with extra authentication steps even for legitimate users.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention cares for what matters most to your organization – your clients and their security. That is why we offer Advanced Authentication, which leverages behavioral analysis and biometrics together with comprehensive analysis of the user, session, device and environment to tell who is on the other side of the device: a legitimate user or a fraudster. Continuous session analysis looks at the whole session detecting signs of suspicious behavior or fraud in pre-real-time, even before the bad things have been done.

Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Improve user experience for legitimate clients

Detect fraudsters as early as the login attempts happen

Uncover Account Takeover and stop fraudulent activity proactively

Ensure the higher level of security for your clients and their data

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