Healthcare organizations continue to digitally transform their interactions with patients. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention strives to help companies achieve that perfect balance between the protection of personal data and meeting customers’ expectations.

What is the issue?

Healthcare organizations continue to digitally transform their interactions with patients. While the growing use of mobile applications and digital channels brings significant benefits, it also comes with great risks.

While financial data can lose its value after changing passwords or blocking credit cards, healthcare data does not perish. Digital accounts now contain electronic medical records, health insurance ID, contact information, Social Security numbers (US), billing and payment information. Healthcare providers are under massive pressure to prevent breaches, protect patients from doctored information, and secure connected devices. Given the significance of the data and devices, the prevention is crucial. At the same time, security cannot be at the expense of usability.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention includes Advanced Authentication & Automated Fraud Analytics. The combination of these two separate products allows for an uninterrupted digital journey through the proactive detection of sophisticated fraud across web and mobile channels, using a complex range of advanced technologies such as Machine Learning & Behavioral Biometrics. Flexible case management & forensic capabilities provide a low-cost operational overhead.

Kaspersky for Healthcare

Prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of healthcare services and users’ data with Kaspersky Fraud Prevention.

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Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Prioritizing legitimate users and detecting suspicious ones

Risk Based Authentication continuously monitors numerous unique parameters

Real-time analysis of biometrical, behavioral and environmental data

Secure access to digital accounts through multiple devices in different locations without usability frictions

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