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Digital transformation brings new opportunities, customers and of course, more revenue. On the other hand, it opens the doors to fraudsters with new sophisticated schemes, cross channel attacks both on the user’s device and account.

Account takeover detection

Account Takeover is currently one of the most widespread threats businesses face. It is almost impossible to control the way users treat their credentials.

Moreover, even the most security-conscious ones can have their data stolen through a data breach, malware, phishing, social engineering attack and others. And it doesn’t matter what channel your client uses: both online and mobile are at risk.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps you learn more about your clients, providing you with valuable data and knowledge allowing you to see the anomalies and suspicious behavior inherent to Account Takeover before fraud has even been committed.

Fraud intelligence

Fraud is evolving and nowadays it looks more like organized crime with international and cross-functional teams involved.

It means that criminals take advantage of cooperation and communication to find the weakest spots in security systems of businesses and attack them. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention applies combination of years of experience in dealing with real fraud cases and the cutting-edge technologies to have more than just data.

We provide you with the knowledge of what is happening, how fraudsters behave, which schemes they use and how to catch them when it’s not the activity, but the signs of fraudulent intentions.

Money laundering detection

Money laundering is a serious problem for governments all over the world. As well as impacting national security, it helps fund organized crime (drugs, terrorism, etc.), weakens economies by facilitating corruption, and increases social divisions as a result
of tax evasion.

Money laundering conducted through the online services and mobile apps of unsuspecting financial organizations can affect a country’s economic and political stability, ruin its reputation and even put lives at risk.

For many money laundering and tax evasion scenarios, groups of organizations are victims and money is transferred between them to make detection even more difficult.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention provides you with powerful tools for timely cross-channel detection of money laundering and related activities.

New account fraud and good user verification

Do I know the user trying to log in? Is this a real person or a bot? How can I make digital authentication smooth and seamless? This is where businesses are usually faced with a choice: increase security or simplify authentication steps?

Too many security steps and questions lead to an inferior customer experience and may result in the customer considering your competitor’s offering. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention allows you to understand the digital identities of your clients and allows them to use your services without unnecessary authentication steps.

To protect your organization from New Account fraud, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention applies core technologies like behavioral biometrics and analysis, as well device and environment analysis, to build patterns of good and bad behavior. The solution is able to identify accounts specially created to commit fraud: steal miles, generate bonus points and bring inflict harm to business.

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