Advanced Authentication

Improve user experience, cut the costs of additional authentication and preserve high level of security.

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Moving the business to digital channels nowadays is vital for a company that wants to stay visible, recognizable and profitable. Several concerns come to the front while implementing the strategy of digitization. What definitely matters to all of the businesses are their clients and the security of the services they provide to them. Legitimate users need frictionless access to digital services without the additional burden of authentication steps. Also, fraudulent activity needs to be detected and stopped timely, as early as possible. Advanced Authentication is the solution within Kaspersky Fraud Prevention platform specially created to improve the user experience, cut the costs of second factor authentication and continuously detect suspicious activity leading to business growth and higher level of security.

Risk-Based Authentication

Eliminates additional authentication steps for legitimate users letting them into the session without unnecessary
frictions. Machine learning technologies and continuous analysis of hundreds of parameters in real-time enable
the dynamic risk assessment allowing you to make a fast and accurate decision: let the user in, ask for additional
verification or restrict the access.

Continuous Anomaly Detection

Provides the higher level of security during the whole session. The process does not stop at the login stage.
During the whole session, Advanced Authentication is analyzing the behavioral and biometric data, device
reputation and other valuable non-personalized information. When the system detects any signs of abnormal
or suspicious behavior it automatically sends the appropriate signal to your internal monitoring systems.
Thus, high-risk operations are thoroughly investigated, whereas legitimate operations are processed automatically
without any delays with higher level of accuracy.

Account Takeover Detection

Enabled by Advanced Authentication allows you to know who is standing beyond the device: a legitimate user
or a fraudster. Behavioral biometrics and analysis applied proactively uncover the criminal activity as early
as the login attempt happens by looking at plenty of unique user parameters and comparing them to the patterns
of legitimate behavior. Extended device fingerprinting used for authentication enables the Device Reputation
functionality letting you know whether this particular device has ever been used for any fraudulent activity
and is not reliable enough to identify it as a legitimate one.

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