Fraudsters regard gaming industry as their own personal golden mine where stolen accounts and virtual treasures turn into pure profit for them. Identity theft and account takeover are big targets for fraudsters because of the financial rewards on offer.

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The gaming industry is flourishing with millions of players all over the globe. Online gaming is big business, revenues are at an all-time high and fraudsters want their piece of the pie.

Users are obsessed with their digital personalities and the growth of their characters, are emotionally attached to their digital alter ego, and are willing to spend big money on it. This phenomenon of modern age gaming allows for the creation of numerous market places where luxurious accounts, skins, virtual currencies and other in-game features are products in high demand.

Identity theft and account takeover are affecting the industry. In one case, a major global multiplayer game developer reported 35 cases of fraud in a very short-space of time, through web-injects, quickly losing thousands of pounds. Players followed web-links and filled-in their digital account information to receive in-game currency, and fraudsters simply harvested the gathered data to take over players’ accounts.

Prevention is the priority when it comes to battling cyber fraud. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention takes pride in helping clients achieve the happy medium between high-level security, seamless user and fraud detection. Flexible case management & forensic capabilities provide a low-cost operational overhead.

Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Identification of new account fraud and account takeover incidents

Legitimate users proceed to their digital accounts without any unnecessary verification steps, which means reduced second factor costs for providers

Real-time analysis of biometrical, behavioral and
environmental data

Secure access to digital accounts through multiple devices in different locations without usability frictions

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