Social engineering in 2021

Social engineering in 2021

Looking back at 2020 to see how social engineering evolved during the pandemic and how it’s developing in 2021.

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What is the issue?

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The internet became our workplace, our classroom, where we shop and conduct business. It also became a lifeline as the only means to keep in touch with loved ones.

In response, businesses had to rush their digital transformation efforts, delivering in a matter of weeks what would normally have taken years, with varying degrees of success.

Combined with the inevitable financial crisis, many businesses were forced to shut down and some industry sectors, such as hospitality and non-food retail, were particularly affected.

On the other hand, digitally native businesses and those that could still innovate in the face of adversity were better able to weather the storm, from restaurants becoming digital takeaways to grocery stores converting to online ordering and delivery in a matter of weeks, to name but a few

This is when «working from home» (#WFH) replaced all previous nomenclature around «flexible working» and Zoom became a verb.

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