Fraud Prevention Consultancy

Continue the conversation with our Fraud Prevention Consultants to learn how global threat intelligence and cutting-edge technologies combined will help you grow your business without security concerns and usability issues.

What is it?

Fraudsters are constantly seeking new ways of performing cyber attacks on your business. The approach has become more of a fraud-as-a-service model. Relying solely on software does not get the job done anymore. Technology is not enough to make sure you are covered from potential risks and losses. It is only useful when empowered by human intelligence.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention consulting team combines professionals with various profiles — PSP, consulting, mobile payments, fraud & risk, penetration testing, information security — with multi-industrial expertise.

The team actively participates in customer communication and is involved into the product development process, delivering the insights from customers and markets.

This results in solving real-world issues and keeping the solution up-to-date with the most relevant business and technical trends as well as demands of the customers.

Key benefits

Business consulting for building the right fraud prevention strategy

Sharing the experience and putting it into the product

Finding the missing links in fraud investigations

Assistance in solving the most sophisticated cases

Reduce false positives and improve customer experience

Cut the costs of fraud prevention and automate the process

Power of connection

Our consultants have close connections with professional community taking part in EBA and EC advisories, often being the reliable source of the relevant threat landscape and security insights.

Power of analytics

Access to the best analytical tools and ability to combine them with each other allows the consulting team to present the whole picture to our customers and dig deeper into the processes of security and fraud prevention.

Power of HuMachine

At Kaspersky Fraud Prevention we believe that it is as important to invest in intelligence as it is in technology. Combination of powerful machine learning and global threat intelligence is key to the right fraud prevention strategy set to meet the requirements of our customers.

Power of the knowledge

Years of cross-industrial and cross-functional experience of the consulting team result in finding the right approach to the issues and business needs of our customers.

Useful Resources

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