The telecom industry leads the way in ensuring that consumers receive mobile, data and satellite communications. Now that data is so valuable, it is no wonder that fraudsters are continually coming up with new ways of acquiring it. Kaspersky has the technology and know-how to provide them with industry-leading fraud prevention and information protection.

What is the issue?

Our millennia is synonymous with digital infrastructure, and the telecom industry leads the way in ensuring that consumers are able to receive mobile, data and satellite communications. When the data is so valuable it is no wonder that fraudsters keep on trying to find new ways and methods of acquiring such information.

The amount of personal information that telecom providers possess is overwhelming: from contacts and addresses to payments and customers’ banking credentials.

Finding the perfect balance between seamless interaction and secure design is key to providing digital services at the highest level. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention strives to help providers achieve the golden standard of data and service protection.

Kaspersky for telecom

Ensure the protection of your users’ data and provide seamless customer experience with Kaspersky Fraud Prevention.

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Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Real-time analysis of biometrical, behavioral and environmental data

Reduce friction and improve user experience for legitimate users

Proactively detect account takeover and new account fraud

Continuous detection and analysis of in-session events like bots, malware, remote administration tools, new unknown devices, web-injects, and more

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