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Download Kaskersky Fraud Prevention H12018 Report


Advanced Fraud Prevention Technologies Datasheet

Learn more about a complex range of advanced technologies that we use for proactive detection of sophisticated fraud schemes in real-time.

Kaspersky Automated Fraud Analytics Datasheet

Implementing a security strategy is not only about the cutting-edge technologies. It’s about the data you get and the ability to use it along with technologies.

Kaspersky Advanced Authentication Datasheet

Advanced Authentication is made to improve the user experience, cut the costs of second factor authentication and continuously detect suspicious activity leading to business growth and higher level of security.


IT ain’t what you do (it’s the way that you do it)

Why AI and behavioural biometrics, on their own, are not the answer to all your cybersecurity woes By Neira Jones


Kaspersky Fraud Prevention x Finance Solution Brief

Protection of clients digital journey for banks and financial institutions.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention x Government Solution Brief

High-level data protection for state e-portals.  

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention x Loyalty Programs Solution Brief

Make sure that customer’s benefits, bonuses and points are protected.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention x Telecom Solution Brief

Industry-leading fraud prevention and information protection for telecom enterprises

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention x Gambling Solution Brief

Fraudsters like online gambling too. A proven cybersecurity provider can be your ace up the sleeve.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention x e-Commerce & Retail Solution Brief

It is time for retail and e-commerce sector to team up with a proven cybersecurity provider.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention x Healthcare Solution Brief

Secure patients' sensitive data in interaction with healthcare services.  

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention x Gaming Solution Brief

Fraudsters find value in game data nowadays. Protect it.  

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