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Case study: Indacoin and Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

Indacoin is one of the pioneers in the authenticated fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange industry, allowing users to instantly purchase cryptocurrency with their bank cards from more than 170 countries

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Kaspersky secures the goods.ru marketplace and its customers from cyberfraud

goods.ru is a prominent representative of an organization that’s focused
on e-commerce.

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Fraud in retail & e-commerce

Exploring the most common use cases for industries that suffer from bonus abuse, loyalty fraud, new account fraud and account takeover

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PSD2, Open Banking and APIS

With all that talk of the demise of traditional banks and how digital challengers will change the face of banking and financial services forever, where are we now?

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IT ain’t what you do (it’s the way that you do it)

Why AI and behavioural biometrics, on their own, are not the answer
to all your cybersecurity woes

By Neira Jones

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Principle fraud risks for the digital businesses

New attack scenarios continue to complement existing fraudulent methods and scams.

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Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Brief

An opportunity to quickly get to know our solution.

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Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Overview

All you need to know about our solution in one datasheet.

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What is great authentication?

A balance between secure authentication process and seamless customer
experience is key to making both parties content with the service.

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Advanced Fraud Prevention Technologies Datasheet

Learn more about a complex range of advanced technologies that we use for proactive detection of sophisticated fraud schemes in real-time.

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Kaspersky Automated Fraud Analytics Datasheet

Implementing a security strategy is not only about the cutting-edge technologies. It’s about the data you get and the ability to use it along with technologies.

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Kaspersky Advanced Authentication Datasheet

Advanced Authentication is made to improve the user experience, cut the costs of second factor authentication and continuously detect suspicious activity leading to business growth and higher level of security.

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Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Continuous authentication

New money laundering detection technologies

Customer-centric approach

Real-time fraud detection

Solving relevant & real‑world issues

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