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The financial services industry is a prime target for fraudsters and bears the brunt of their cyberattacks. But how should the industry react in a world where technology is constantly evolving? The answer is to prevent attacks before they occur, rather than just reacting to them.

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Financial businesses have already gone far beyond traditional services providing their clients with access to their personal accounts via online channels and mobile devices. Digital transformation brings new opportunities, clients and of course, more revenue. On the other hand, it opens the doors to fraudsters with new sophisticated schemes, cross-channel attacks both on the user’s device and on the account.

Additional levels of security, however, may harm the user experience. More authentication steps alienate digital experience for the clients, lowering the level of satisfaction and making them think of some competitive solutions.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention uses a complex range of advanced technologies with machine learning applied for proactive detection of sophisticated fraud schemes across web and mobile channels, in real-time, before the transaction occurs. The platform analyzes not only the login moment, but also the whole session and makes decisions based on the overall reputation of devices and accounts over time allowing for the efficient detection of complex fraud attacks. Context authentication used for risk assessment detects legitimate users with high level of accuracy, letting them into their digital accounts without additional unnecessary friction.

Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Proactively detect Account Takeover and New Account Fraud

Reduce friction and improve user experience for legitimate users

Leverage cutting-edge technologies enhanced by machine learning and global threat intelligence

Uncover cross-channel and cross-organizational money laundering and money mule schemes

Prevent transaction tampering, including MitB, MitM, phishing, smishing and other attacks

Detect remote administration tools, bots and tools for fraud automation

Comply with regulation and go further

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