Automated Fraud Analytics

Created to make sure you know about the possible fraudulent activity before it occurs and have all the data and analysis crucial to make accurate and timely decisions and uncover complicated fraud cases.

What is the solution?

Implementing a security strategy is not only about the cutting-edge
technologies. It’s about the data you get and the ability to use it along with technologies.

Digital businesses with customers getting access to remote services 24/7 all year long are all about fundamentals: make these services easily reachable and secure, cut the losses from possible fraudulent activity, automate the process of fraud detection and prevention, increase the efficiency of internal monitoring systems and ensure you are doing enough to grow the business and stay safe.

Automated Fraud Analytics allows you to make sure you learn about the possible fraudulent activity when it has not started yet, have all the data and analysis crucial to make accurate and timely decisions and uncover complicated fraud cases.

With the access to extensive data, processed by machine learning technologies and human intelligence, you get the higher quality of fraud prevention with higher detection rates, speed, automation and accuracy.

Kaspersky Automated Fraud Analytics

Real-time detection of sophisticated and industry-specific fraud cases.

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Key benefits

Real-time detection of suspicious activity even before fraud has actually damaged the business

More fraud scenarios detected with higher level of accuracy

Uncovering the fraudster rings with global device reputation and extended fingerprinting

Detection of cross-organizational money laundering scenarios

Generation of ready-to-use incidents feeding your internal monitoring solutions

Advanced incident investigation capability

Global entity linking and mapping

Shows the invisible and intangible connections between devices, organizations and environments.

It works in cross-channel and cross-organizational environments looking for correlations between typical profiles, devices used, behavioral patterns and many other details of the sessions.

Access to this data is the way to crack sophisticated fraud schemes, often functioning in several not connected businesses and stop them before they spread further and bring significant financial and reputational harm.

Deep-learning-based behavioral analysis

Reduces the need for feature engineering and makes it easier to adapt to new behavior profiles both of legitimate users and of the criminals.

It automatically detects abnormal and suspicious behavior during the login and the whole session not overlooking even slight deviations.

Behavioral analysis lets you see more patterns and eventually covers more fraud scenarios, even the ones specific to various businesses, simultaneously reducing the level of friction as well as false positives.

Flexible rules engine configuration

Allows you to maintain control over the level and the volume of incident generation.

Ready-to-use detailed incidents can be configured to your business’s specific fraud issues to ensure higher detection rates and lower false positives.

This improvement allows anti-fraud analysts to create advanced rules for covering complicated fraud schemes that may be specific for your business.

Fraud Intelligence

Throughout the whole session all of the events happening around the users, their devices, biometric and behavioral peculiarities and deviations are thoroughly analyzed.

Access to session events allows to find various kinds of suspicious activity such as remote administration tools, bots, malware and many others.

Combination of technologies and expertise makes it possible to customize the solution for the business needs, and thoroughly investigate the detected cases of fraud.

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