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It is time for retail and e-commerce sector to team up with a proven cybersecurity provider to be able to reach the happy medium between seamless user experience and high protection of data.

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Moving to the digital world means elevating cybersecurity for e-commerce and retail enterprises. It is essential to provide security for consumers during the entire session, including registration, login and transactions, but not limited to this. Meanwhile fraudsters are constantly evolving in their methods and means.

Given the rise of technologies, customers have high expectations regarding the service:

  • Seamless access to the digital account
  • High level of personal data protection
  • Being able to access accounts from multiple devices anywhere anytime


Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps organizations achieve that happy medium between usability and security of digital services. Backed by Kaspersky Lab’s 21 years of experience in cybersecurity, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention takes pride in helping service providers reach the pinnacle in protection. All this with flexible case management & forensic capabilities that significantly reduce the operational costs for enterprises.

Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Uncover Account Takeover and New Account Fraud before any damage occurs

Allow frictionless access to legitimate users while making it harder for fraudsters

Prioritizing legitimate users and detecting suspicious ones

Advanced machine learning makes sure that all data and activity are monitored throughout the whole session

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News and Updates

Utilize platforms that connect you to billions of users around the world.

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