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The online gambling sector attracts fraudsters like good odds attract bet-makers. This is where the money is. Literally. This industry has always been a desired target for criminals. Nothing has changed, so when platforms moved online, so did the fraudsters. The virtual space is the new battlefield and Kaspersky Fraud Prevention can be your ace up the sleeve.

What is the issue?

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Statistics show that more and more users turn to their mobile devices when accessing digital gambling platforms. To protect sensitive information, such as billing and payment data, contact information and addresses, players may go through laborious authentication methods to access their accounts, including biometrics, devices or stringent password rules. The data stored presents a great deal of value to fraudsters however, and they are constantly evolving in their methods and means of acquiring it.

Account takeover and abuse of promotions are big targets for fraudsters due to the financial rewards on offer. Furthermore, money laundering is a looming concern, especially with the prevalence of cryptocurrency as payouts becoming an exploitable innovation.Fraudsters perform their attacks from multiple devices and different locations, which makes such crimes incredibly difficult to fight.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention makes interaction with the digital account seamless for proven legitimate users, while forcing suspicious ones to go through additional verification steps. Risk Based Authentication continuously monitors unique parameters of user activity such as biometrical, behavioral and environmental data in order to identify tendencies of authentic users. Based on the results access can be restricted or denied for attackers before any damage occurs, while proven customers get to play their favorite games without additional verification steps. Elimination of additional verification for proven users helps reduce second factor costs.

Kaspersky for gambling

Prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of your online gambling services with Kaspersky Fraud Prevention.

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Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Identification of new account fraud, money laundering and account takeover incidents

Legitimate users proceed to their digital accounts without any unnecessary verification steps, which means reduced second factor costs for providers

Real-time analysis of biometrical, behavioral and environmental data

Secure access to digital accounts through multiple devices in different locations without usability frictions

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