Money Laundering Detection

Uncover sophisticated money laundering scenarios and go further than your local compliance and regulation

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What is it?

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According to the Global Economic Crime Survey by PwC, money laundering transactions are estimated at 2 to 5% of global GDP. That’s roughly $1-2 trillion USD annually. For many money laundering and tax evasion scenarios, groups of organizations are victims and money is transferred between them to make detection even more difficult. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention provides you with powerful tools for timely cross-channel detection of money laundering and related activities.

Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Cross-channel and cross-organization fraud detection

Automated entity linking and mapping

Global device reputation

Unique identification of the users’ devices with dynamic fingerprinting

Higher detection rates enhanced by machine learning technologies

Detection of money mule services

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News and Updates

Utilize platforms that connect you to billions of users around the world.

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The new era of machine learning–aided scams

Fraudsters keep finding newer rabbit holes to exploit Machine Learning to make well-known fraud and scam schemes more complex and hard to uncover.

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