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What is it?

Do I know the user trying to log in? Is this a real person or a bot? How can I make digital authentication smooth and seamless? This is where businesses usually face a choice: increase security or simplify authentication steps? Too many security steps and questions lead to an inferior customer experience and may result in the customer considering your competitor’s offering. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention allows you to understand the digital identities of your clients and allows them to use your services without unnecessary authentication steps.

Why Kaspersky Fraud Prevention?

Learn the digital identities of your clients

Reduce unnecessary authentication steps for legitimate users

Increase the satisfaction level of your loyal clients

Apply the Context Authentication to identify the user behind the device

Detect suspicious activity at the login stage

Stop fraud before it occurs

Meet local compliance and regulation in terms of strong customer authentication

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News and Updates

Utilize platforms that connect you to billions of users around the world.

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The new era of machine learning–aided scams

Fraudsters keep finding newer rabbit holes to exploit Machine Learning to make well-known fraud and scam schemes more complex and hard to uncover.

What you need to know about cyber fraud in car sharing services – a study of 13 car sharing apps

What are the challenges that the car sharing industry faces when it comes to cyber crime and how can the companies combat it?

Fraud in retail & e-commerce – who is in the bonus really?

Exploring the most common use cases for industries that suffer from bonus abuse, loyalty fraud, new account fraud and account takeover

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