Loyalty Schemes

Seamless user experience and secure services for your clients

Loyalty is something that is hard to build and preserve. Various businesses like travel, transport, retail and others spend months or even years finding the perfect loyalty scheme to make their clients satisfied, providing them with easily accessible services whenever and wherever they want. However, finding the happy medium between the security of service and the user experience is not an easy task at all.

Users are looking for a frictionless access to their bonuses and rewards, in most cases treating them as actual money. They also want their points or miles to be safe, but this safety should not harm the ease of use. And when security is weakened in favor of user experience, fraudsters come. Even a small weak link in protection can become an open door for fraud.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention applies behavioral analysis, biometrics and overall assessment of user, device and environment for proactive detection of fraudulent activity in real-time. Knowledge generated by the analysis of hundreds of non-personalized parameters helps to enrich the internal monitoring systems and introduce automation and speed to authentication of users, detection and prevention of fraud.

  • Detect Account Takeover often initiated by fraudulent staff taking over dormant accounts
  • Increase the number of happy customers with high level of user experience
  • Uncover fraudulent activity in real-time cutting the potential losses
  • Detect ghost accounts and New Account Fraud

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Loyalty Schemes